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Is It Possible For Bitcoin To Finance Small Businesses?

Since the time bitcoin was invented, it was never appreciated. People found plenty of negative factors in the bitcoin network. But gradually, there are many improvements made in the bitcoin system, leading to bitcoin entering into mainstream businesses. There was a time when bitcoin was used to purchase pizzas, but now most of the giant industries and businesses have started accepting bitcoins.

No doubt, the competition is increasing in the market, and it is challenging to find a job or grow your business. With the emergence of bitcoin, many small and big businesses are entering into the world of cryptocurrencies and are taking advantage of the exciting market. The primary thing that attracts the businesses is the peer-to-peer feature of bitcoins. People also consider the bitcoin market useful for small business loans.

The Properties of Bitcoin

Some investors only consider bitcoin as a currency. It is not an only currency as it could be better defined as a decentralized exchange, an open-source system that can deal with all range of financial merchandise. The bitcoin system has some top-notch properties that accomplish the needs of the international marketplace. Let’s move forward and understand the properties of bitcoin:

Maintains user anonymity

Unlike banks, while making transactions with bitcoin, users don’t need to provide their personal information to invest or trade in bitcoin. Only one thing is to be provided, that is the bitcoin wallet address. The sender and receiver must know each other’s bitcoin address to make transactions.

Minimal or no transaction fee

No central authority or banks are involved in performing the transactions, therefore minimal or no transaction fee is charged. The main motive behind creating the bitcoin network was to eradicate the need middle man. This allows bitcoin owner to have complete control over his/her funds.

Easy and fast transfers

The users don’t need to wait for transfers because bitcoin has a direct nature. It takes some minutes to complete the transaction despite geographical distance. The SWIFT and IBACS payments can be made easy and fast with bitcoins.

High accessibility

Bitcoin is an electronic payment method, and it is open-source, which means it is accessible to anyone and everywhere globally. Payments can be made through a bitcoin wallet that only requires an internet connection.

Other than the properties mentioned above, bitcoin’s borderless nature makes it a perfect medium of exchange and a great preference for crowd-sourced loans. The payment can be made from all corners of the world easily, cheaply, and quickly.

Services offered

As of today, three major companies offer bitcoins loans that are Bitbonds, BTCJam, and BitLendingClub. All crowd-sourced bitcoin loans providing companies operate similarly to fiat currency counterparts like Lending Club, Prosper, and more. Here, in this article, we will discuss the requirements for both borrowers and lenders.

The borrower is required to create a profile and raise a request for a bitcoin loan. It must state the reason for the loan and the amount required. The loans system provides higher approvals if you pay back the loans on time and provide low-interest rates.

The lender needs to search the list of forthcoming borrowers and the number of funds and stop searching when you find the best possible returns. The lender gets the interest rate along with the loan amount that is fixed by the website.

Bitcoin is the best person-to-person lender that provides business loans. This service aims to eliminate the funding gap for businesses to build a reliable and stable financial system and deliver high returns compared to fixed income products.

The Future

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin loans, plenty of investors have shown confidence in the emergence of bitcoin loans. If the adoption of loans continues, bitcoin is likely to take over all the traditional counterparts. More businesses are switching to the world of cryptocurrencies because they believe bitcoin is increasing rapidly and is known to be the wave of the future.


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