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Picture by Michael Longmire.

Greetings to our fellow readers! 

We decided to expand the scope of the topics which we cover on the BroadBrained and will get an additional focus on biotechnology, medicine and related areas at the intersection of different disciplines. These areas of science brought into our life plenty of useful things. For instance, an automated blood pressure measurement device for home use developed more than 44 years ago based on NASA technology and a more modern nanosensor array for medical diagnoses also developed by NASA for astronauts, which also has a huge potential for everyday use.

One may wonder, why did we decide to touch such a broad, complex but also interesting and versatile area of science? From year to year, it becomes more about humans’ role and place amongst the stars, including manned flights and space tourism. And if we try to overlook the future, it is obvious that the next step in the development of humanity will be habitable space stations. 

So far, these are only bold projects, but with the development of necessary technologies, they will definitely take their respective place in our everyday life.

Meantime we will try to be a little bit more broad brained.

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