Eyes on Edge: tinyML Vision Challenge! with tinyML Foundation

Tiny machine learning (tinyML) is broadly defined as a fast-growing field of machine learning technologies including hardware, algorithms and software capable of performing on-device sensor data analytics at extremely low power, typically in the mW range and below, and hence enabling a variety of always-on use cases and targeting battery-operated devices.

The Seeker is calling on developers everywhere to devise a proof of concept using machine vision on embedded systems to address an industry-grade problem. Submissions can leverage any embedded vision hardware platform and software framework. Extra points for battery-operated, ultra-low-power projects.

Models deployed on hardware like the OpenMV Cam H7, Arduino Portenta Vision Shield, Himax WE-I Plus, Arducam Pico4ML, and Raspberry Pi are ushering in a whole new era of solutions that can now accurately identify and classify what they see.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 12:00 AM PT, August 20, 2021.


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