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Has quantum mechanics proved that reality does not exist? (Video)

One of the latest interpretations of the principles of quantum mechanics leads to an assumption that objective reality does not (or may not) exist.

Reality – artistic interpretation. Image credit: Harri Vick via Pixabay, free license

Many experiments with sub-atomic particles and electromagnetic waves really that the same action may have different outcomes which – theoretically – all exist at the same time. But some of the latest research works have stepped a bit further, claiming that it is possible that our objective reality which is quite well perceived through our biological senses, is actually ‘very subjective’ and depends on superposition of states of different observers.

Certainly, this scientific claim is very bold and currently unproven, because it is quite difficult to talk about quantum states of human observers. Instead, physicists are using entangled photon pairs and detectors, and it is far-fetched to make assumptions about human-perceived reality based on the action of individual particles. Watch the following video for an in-depth scientific commentary on this topic:


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