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Lego Robot that Plays the Guitar (Video)

Certain toys just transcend their primary purpose. One good example is Lego, where possibilities to build interesting creations are limited only by imagination of the builder. But this robot that plays the guitar deserves the place at the top of the most ingenious constructions made from those little plastic bricks.

Lego guitar robot. Image credit: TECHNICally Possible via YouTube (still image from the video)

Of course, robot needs more than just some plastic or a few cubes that connect with each other. To construct an automated system with at least a basic level of machine intelligence, you’ll also need a processor, several motors, electric connectors, and similar things. But the best thing is that with Lego these components are actually being manufactured and available for purchase.

Then the only thing that is left – you have to have a creative mind, and some technical knowledge – at least to know how this musical instrument works. Watch the following video to find out interesting details about the Lego robot that plays the guitar, and also how it produces an actual melody by touching correct strings:


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