Relightable 3D Head Portraits from a Smartphone Video

The current demand for 3D content for AR glasses, VR headsets, or 3D monitors motivates to create 3D models obtainable by a simple mobile device.

A recent study proposes a method for constructing a relightable 3D human head portrait. It uses a handheld video of a person made by a smartphone with a blinking flash.

Image credit: Christian Widell via Wikimedia

A camera pose is estimated for every frame, and a dense point cloud is reconstructed. The points and their descriptions are then rasterized for novel camera viewpoints by a novel rendering network. The rasterizations are translated into a series of maps, and the image is reconstructed accordingly to the parameters of the scene lighting and the camera flash.

Due to limited photometric information in the video, human face-specific priors are also used for the reconstruction. The recreated scene can be rendered from new viewpoints and with new lighting sources at real-time speeds.

Link to the page of project:


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