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Spark Plug vs Car Window at 800,000FPS

Movies of this type are always interesting to watch: you can observe what really happens when things crash, break, are punctured, or deformed in many different ways. Slow-motion imaging equipment is also getting surprisingly good, up to a point where it becomes possible to observe certain fundamental effects and natural forces in great detail.

Image credit: The Slow Mo Guys (video still from YouTube)

The Slow Mo Guys team on YouTube have been doing these experiments for quite a while. Their latest creation shows spark plug break car window , everything recorded using incredible 800 000 frames per second.

Fascinating fact: the same equipment that was used to record this footage can operate in ‘FAST’ mode. That’s a total of 1.75 million frames per second (95 nanoseconds per frame) at proportionally reduced resolutions. Here you can watch the new video, spark plug vs. car window:


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