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This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life (Video)

You may think that robots are still far from any practically useful areas of application. But they are not – there are many models of fully autonomous machines which perform tasks incredibly important for us.

The combination of strength and flexibility of such ‘soft’ machines is unmatched. Image credit: Veritasium (still image from the YouTube video)

But, of course, there are certain robotic creations that are not ready for wide-scale adoption yet. But their potential is huge, and often associated with security and well-being of humans. This include saving people in case of natural disasters, or performing emergency medical procedures when skilled specialists are not available on-site, or when it is difficult to reach those who are in need, in such situations as earthquakes, avalanches, or landslides.

Here is one such robot, which could actually save your life some time in the future:


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