Toyota launched an ultra-compact electric city car C+pod

Toyota is not in a hurry when it comes to electrification of its range. And it is a little bit weird, because other companies are rushing in with their new electric car models. In fact, the boss of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, argues against rushed electrification of personal transportation. But now Toyota is introducing a new electric car C+pod – just look how tiny it is!

The exterior panels of the Toyota C+pod are made from plastic. Image credit: Toyota

Toyota C+pod is a 2,5 metre long 2-seater city car, created for cheap personal transportation. Toyota is planning to sell these cars to various organizations in order to promote the popularity of electric transportation. You can imagine these cars being rented for tourists or being used in various other ride-sharing services. In 2022 C+pod should be available for everyone.

Your shopping goes here. C+pod is intended for shorter city journeys. Image credit: Toyota

Because Toyota C+pod is pretty much intended to be used exclusively in the city, it is pretty slow. In fact, its top speed is just 60 kph. And while cruising it can stretch the resources of its 9 kWh battery to 150 km. You’re feeling some range anxiety already, aren’t you? Well, multiple studies have shown that most people in the cities do not even cover those 150 km in one day. It will be more than enough of range for young people, who are just driving to school, job and a movie theatre. Charging won’t take too much time either – 5 hours on a single phase, 200V/16A network, or 16 hours on 100V/6A.

Not to mention that Toyota C+pod should be fun to drive, because its 9.2 kW motor is situated on the rear axle and is driving the rear wheels. Depending on the configuration, C+pod will weigh 670-690 kg.

C+pod will easily fit two adults and some luggage. Image credit: Toyota

Although C+pod is going to be sold in Japan only and it is meant for the younger population, its 1100 mm wide cabin will easily seat two adults. C+pod’s interior layout is simple, but functional. Toyota C+pod even has LED headlight and taillights. The outer layer of the body is made of plastic, but you would expect that given the tiny price of this car.

Headlights and taillights are LED. Image credit: Toyota

Toyota C+pod will cost from 1,650,000 yen or just 16 thousand dollars (13k euros). For this amount of money you’re getting a whole load of safety equipment, including the Pre-collision Safety System, which detects other vehicles (day and night), pedestrians (day and night), and cyclists (day), Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Parking Support Brakes, front disc brakes and many other systems.

Looking at the  Toyota C+pod one word comes to mind – friendly. It is just a friendly tiny vehicle, perfectly suited for an urban lifestyle.


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