World Record Domino Robot: 100k Dominoes in 24 Hours

Putting dominoes in a huge line and making them fall is fun. You can even do domino shows with them. But you probably know from your own experience that putting those bits one after another requires a lot of painstaking work and extreme patience. Skilled maze builders can place thousands of domino pieces in series without a failure. But now there is a way to make this difficult task much simpler, with a help of a unique machine – domino robot named Dom.

Robot Dom. Image credit: Mark Rober (still image from YouTube video)

Dom builds large sets of vertically standing domino pieces using a very clever and also a very simple mechanical principle. Of course, lots of movement precision is still required. Apparently, this was some of a challenge for the developers of Dom, because constructing this robot lasted several years. But the result is obviously good, because this machine is more than capable of breaking world records.

Watch the entire story about Dom and see this robot in action in this video:


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