NROL-44 Aims for Midnight Tonight, As Busy East Coast Manifest Realigns

Mother Nature was not on the side of either SpaceX or ULA on Monday. And as always, her rules must be complied with. Photo Credit: Jeff Seibert/AmericaSpace

Hopes of launching the beleaguered Delta IV Heavy just after midnight Tuesday ultimately proved fruitless, as lightning in the launch area once again kept the United Launch Alliance (ULA) behemoth shackled to the ground. Having sat out on Space Launch Complex (SLC)-37B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., for over ten months, it certainly appeared that the triple-barreled rocket is snakebitten by cruel fortune as it aims—hopefully soon—to get the highly secretive NROL-44 payload airborne for the National Reconnaissance Office.

Appalling weather had already caused SpaceX to scrub the launch of delayed Starlink mission, earlier in the day.


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