Ruscosmos refusal of Ukrainian parts did not affect Elmiz


The leading Ukrainian space equipment enterprise, “Elmiz”, calmly accepted Roskosmos’s refusal of the Kurs automated docking system, and switched to the production of an angular velocity system for the Yuzhnoye State Design Office’s satellite projects: SICH-2-1 and Mikrosat – said Elmiz’s CEO Nikolay Shumilo.

We remind you that in January 2019, Roskosmos abandoned the “Kurs-P” system, produced by the Ukrainian enterprise, in favor of “Kurs-MKP”, manufactured in-house.

“Kurs” is a radio engineering system for reciprocal measurements of motion parameters for search, rendezvous and docking of spacecraft to the orbital station.

“Kurs” system and its components, produced by “Elmiz” PJSC, had been used to dock to the Russian segment of the ISS until 2016.

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