SpaceX to Launch 3rd Mission This Month on Monday with 60 More Starlink Satellites

After successfully boosting Crew Dragon’s Demo-1 mission in March 2019 (left), followed by Canada’s Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM) last June (right), Falcon 9 rocket ‘B1051’ stands ready for its third orbital launch on Monday with Starlink-3 from Cape Canaveral. Photo Credit: John Studwell / / SpaceX (right)

Only days after triumphantly completing its long-awaited In-Flight Abort Test—destroying a long-serving booster, parachuting an unmanned Crew Dragon to a safe splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean and clearing a significant milestone on the road to returning U.S. astronauts to space aboard U.S. spacecraft, atop U.S. rockets and from U.S. soil—SpaceX aims to launch another Falcon 9 at 9:49 a.m. EST on Monday, 27 January, to continue CEO Elon Musk’s campaign to emplace thousands of Starlink internet communications satellites into low-Earth orbit by the mid-2020s.

The veteran Falcon 9 core tailnumbered “B1051” has been earmarked for this launch, having previously flown on two occasions for the Crew Dragon Demo-1 flight from the East Coast in March 2019, followed by last June’s Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM) from the West Coast.