Ukrainian dream about Space Port going to come true?

By Serg Kenzorov

Space Logistics Ukraine – has announced its intention to build a spaceport in Ukraine, but only after Ukrainian parliamentarians vote for draft laws No. 9219 and No. 10096, which allow  the development and production of space-based technologies by private companies. Today, the private production of space technologies in Ukraine is in the legal gray zone, and therefore the producers of innovative technologies are constantly under the watchful eye of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Dmitriy Legeza – CEO of the Space Logistic Ukraine

At the moment we can only carry out research work on the possibility of building a spaceport – the first results of which will be received in 1.5 – 2 months,” says Dmitry Legeza, founder of Space Logistics Ukraine: “Only after the adoption of the relevant legislation will we be able to begin at least some activity in this direction. ”

To date, the company has received support from Ukrainian enterprises, such as Ukroboronprom and Progresstech, as well as specialists from NASA and Space-X, but their names haven’t been disclosed yet.

Space Logistics Ukraine’s partner, Progresstech, has already completed such projects as: the general project of the Turkmenbad International Airport in Turkmenistan, the Boeing assembly production project in Houston, and has also participated in the Alcantara cosmodrome project in Brazil.


Ukroboronprom, in turn, is the state monopolist for the production and sale of weapons, missiles in particular.


The spaceport envisioned by Space Logistics Ukraine will cost $ 150m and support the launches of ultra-light launch vehicles, which are already being developed in Ukraine by Yuzhnoye Design Office. The main goal of the company is to create a full production cycle for launch vehicles from design to launch, and to facilitate the cooperation between Ukrainian space enterprises.


Despite the movement towards liberalization of the space industry in Ukraine, and the presence of a large potential in private production of launchers, the recommendations of the Main Scientific and Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to draft law No. 9219 imply the preservation of state monopoly in the space launch industry, and including these recommendations may postpone the creation of the Ukrainian spaceport for an undefined period of time.