Vladimir Komanov, Aerospace designer at Yuzhnoye SDO, Dies at 81

On December 12, Vladimir Komanov, age 81, departed this life – the Hero of Ukraine and the legendary Yuzhnoye SDO designer engaged in rocket construction and space. He was a mentor and a teacher for many generations of Design Office engineers.

The choice of the Faculty of Physics and Technology was a turning point in his life. He dreamed of being closer to the stars, and he succeeded. Thus after 3 years at the Design Office, he became the right-hand man of the chief, namely, Mikhail Yangel.
He was involved in the development of new methods and telemetry measurement tools for silo-based missile launches. Carried out technical management of development, experimental and flight testing, and commissioning of space launch systems Cyclone-2, Cyclone-3, Zenit-2, Energia-Buran. He oversaw engineering adjustments and implementation of the ground-based rocket system Zenit to the marine conditions under the Sea Launch program. By 2014, 36 launches were made from the floating platform, 3 of them were unsuccessful and 1 was partially successful. On December 5, S7 announced that the Sea Launch floating launch complex will be relocated from Long Beach to the port of the Slavjanka Shipyard, Russia. These actions may accompany the resumption of the most famous public-private space project. Vladimir took part in the development of the Zenit launch vehicle that was praised by the space community, Elon Musk considered it the second-best after his Falcon rocket.
At the Design Office Komanov has been working with key USSR rocket designers Mikhail Yangel and Vladimir Utkin, when people were still driven by knowledge and respect, not by money. Vladimir Gennadievich believed that the main thing was to work, and not to spare yourself, so he went down in history as Honoured machine builder of Ukraine (1994), recipient of the Lenin Prize (1980) and the State Prize of Ukraine (1995), member of the International Astronautical Academy (1997).
Farewell to Vladimir Komanov took place in Dnipro on December 13.
Broadbrained Publishing Team expresses their sincere condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Vladimir Gennadievich. Good memory to the honorary citizen of Dnipro and the Hero of Ukraine!

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