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Ovzon demonstrates unprecedented high data rates with the new Ovzon T6 terminal

(7 December 2020 – Ovzon) During demonstrations of the Ovzon service for customers in the US, Ovzon achieved ground-breaking 50 Mbps transmit and 120 Mbps receive with the new laptop sized OvzonT6 terminal used on the steerable beams available in Ovzon’s network.

The results were achieved in good but far from perfect weather conditions. Ovzon’s steerable satellite-based infrastructure used for the tests can instantly be moved into areas of need and easily be reconfigured when the geographical need changes. Same performance can be given over land, water and in air. The Ovzon T6 terminal used during the tests is easy to use and has the size of a common small L-band terminal.

Ovzon T6 terminal (courtesy: Ovzon)

”This is something very special. A satellite service enabling this performance on laptop sized, battery driven terminals is truly ground-breaking. When the first Ovzon 3 satellite is launched in 2021, the performance will increase significantly further”, says Magnus René, CEO of Ovzon.

About Ovzon

Ovzon is revolutionizing mobile broadband via satellite providing global coverage with the highest bandwidth through the smallest terminals. Founded in 2006, Ovzon develops end-to-end solutions meeting the growing demand of mobile broadband connectivity for customers with high performance requirements.

Ovzon’s combination of advanced proprietary satellite technology and unique ultra-small terminals answers the needs for mobile users to connect anywhere and transmit large amounts of data. Customers include Government, Defense, Media, Maritime, Aviation and NGOs using highly mobile platforms. Our dedicated and experienced team ensures a premium service for our demanding global customers.

The company has offices in Stockholm in Sweden and Bethesda (MD) and Tampa (FL) in the United States. Ovzon is publicly listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market


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