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Where to Watch Wednesday’s Falcon Heavy Launch Locally

A year since its spectacular maiden voyage, SpaceX plans as many as two Falcon Heavy launches in 2019. Photo Credit: Mike Killian / AmericaSpace

Upwards of 100,000+ people are expected to descend upon Florida’s Space Coast on Wednesday, all in anticipation of witnessing the second launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, which will fly its first commercial mission for a paying customer from pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

Liftoff with the Saudi Arabsat-6A satellite is currently scheduled for 6:35pm Eastern U.S. time, but on-site access is extremely restrictive, so where can the public go for good views?

It really depends on what you’d rather see; the launch or the landings a few miles south?

Playalinda view of Falcon Heavy Demo (beach parking lot 3)

If you lean more towards a good view of launch, Playalinda Beach is your best bet. But you’ll need to arrive early and basically camp all day, because Canaveral National Seashore will close as soon as they reach capacity (they only have room for roughly 1200 vehicles). They open at 6am, and you’ll need to pay an entrance fee (the first Falcon Heavy launch in 2018 they filled to capacity by 9am, just FYI).

Additionally, the neighboring National Wildlife Refuge will shut down to incoming traffic at 1:30pm.


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