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Works well with robots?

Blame it on HAL 9000, Clippy’s constant cheerful interruptions, or any navigational system leading delivery drivers to dead-end destinations. In the workspace, people and robots don’t always get along. But as more artificial intelligence systems and robots aid human workers, building trust between them is key to getting the job done. One University of Georgia professor is seeking to bridge that ...

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Accelerating Robotic Reinforcement Learning via Parameterized Action Primitives

Reinforcement learning (RL) methods greatly help to design general-purpose robotic systems. However, many of them lack efficiency. Current techniques to improve RL methods rely on better optimization or more efficient exploration. A recent paper on arXiv.org proposes another approach. Image credit: Pxhere, CC0 Public Domain The researchers suggest designing primitives with minimal human effort, enabling their expressiveness by parameterizing them ...

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How Bodies Get Smarts: Simulating the Evolution of Embodied Intelligence

An in silico playground for creatures that learn, mutate, and evolve establishes the importance of morphological intelligence and suggests a new way to optimize embodied AIs. Animals have embodied smarts: They perform tasks that their bodies are well designed for. That’s because the intelligence of every animal species evolved in tandem with its physical form as it interacted with its ...

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Making self-driving cars safer through keener robot perception

PhD student Heng Yang is developing algorithms to help driverless vehicles quickly and accurately assess their surroundings. Aviation became a reality in the early 20th century, but it took 20 years before the proper safety precautions enabled widespread adoption of air travel. Today, the future of fully autonomous vehicles is similarly cloudy, due in large part to safety concerns. Image ...

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