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Work begins to harvest Orion spacecraft hardware for Artemis 2 lunar flight

A truck carrying NASA’s Orion spacecraft from the Artemis 1 test flight arrived back at Kennedy Space Center on Dec. 30. Credit: NASA Fresh off the 1.4-million-mile Artemis 1 test flight around around the moon, NASA’s Orion spacecraft arrived Dec. 30 back at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where technicians will offload propellants and payloads, and begin removing internal hardware ...

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Will This be the Iconic Picture From Artemis I?

Rising Earth – Orion captures a crescent Earth with the Moon in the foreground. Credit – NASA There’s an argument to be made that some astronomical pictures are better inspirational tools than all of the science that the missions that took them might have collected during their lifetimes. This author personally had his interest in space exploration sparked when he ...

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Orion capsule leaves lunar orbit, heads for moon flyby and return to Earth

A camera on one of the Orion spacecraft’s solar arrays captured this view Nov. 30 of the Orbital Maneuvering System engine, a leftover from the space shuttle program. Earth is visible in the distance more than a quarter-million miles away. Credit: NASA Continuing a “drama-free” test flight, NASA’s unpiloted Orion spacecraft is set to fire its main engine Thursday to ...

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Orion capsule enters distant retrograde orbit, breaks Apollo distance record

A camera on NASA’s Orion spacecraft captured this view Saturday as the capsule flew a quarter-million miles from Earth. Credit: NASA NASA’s unpiloted Orion spacecraft fired its main engine Friday to slip into a distant lunar orbit, putting it on course to range farther from Earth than any of the Apollo astronauts flew in humanity’s first exploration missions to the ...

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NASA triumphs in successful debut launch of huge SLS moon rocket

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket lifts off with 8.8 million pounds of thrust from two powerful solid rocket boosters and four core stage engines. Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography NASA’s huge Space Launch System moon rocket finally took off from Florida early Wednesday after a decade in development, sending an unpiloted Orion crew capsule toward ...

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