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Japan’s flagship H3 rocket fails on first test flight

Japan’s first H3 rocket lifts off on an ill-fated test flight with the ALOS 3 Earth observation satellite. Credit: JAXA Japan’s first H3 rocket, designed to launch satellites and resupply space stations, fell back to Earth Monday (U.S. time) after its second stage engine failed to ignite five minutes into the new launcher’s inaugural test flight, destroying the rocket and ...

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First launch of Japan’s H3 rocket aborted moments before liftoff

The first launch of Japan’s H3 rocket was aborted moments before liftoff Thursday (U.S. time). Credit: JAXA Japan’s first H3 rocket, nearly a decade in development, was moments from liftoff Thursday (U.S. time) when the launch vehicle detected a problem and cut off the countdown just before sending a command to ignite two strap-on solid-fueled boosters. The H3 rocket’s two ...

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While SLS is Delayed, Crew-5 Zips in and Launches to the International Space Station

A new crew is on the way to the International Space Station, and the crew is a true and hopeful reflection of the international nature of the station. Commander Nicole Mann become the first Native American woman in space, and she is joined by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) astronaut Koichi Wakata and Roscosmos cosmonaut Anna Kikina, as well as ...

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BepiColombo’s First Pictures of Mercury

BepiColombo recently had its first close flyby of Mercury, its eventual mission target, and got to snap some pictures to commemorate the event.  Even at this early stage of the mission, these images are some of the clearest we have ever had of the innermost planet. The spacecraft itself passed within about 199 km of the planet’s surface.  Unfortunately, it ...

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Japanese satellite launch facing weeks-long delay

Japan’s fifth Epsilon rocket, originally set for liftoff Sept. 30, is visible inside a gantry structure at the Uchinoura Space Center. Credit: JAXA The launch of a solid-fueled Japanese Epsilon rocket with nine small satellites, originally scheduled to blastoff last week, has been grounded until after the flight of a larger H-2A launcher later this month, Japan’s space agency said ...

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How should Japan’s space agency foster NewSpace?

NASA support led to the development of commercial capabilities like SpaceX’s Dragon. Can it also work in Japan? (credit: NASA) by Takashi Uchino The role of the private sector in space development and utilization is rapidly increasing, not only in the United States but also in Japan. NASA took an important role in fostering the private sector in US, the ...

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