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Lucy is off to Visit Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft is on its way. The spacecraft was launched into space on Saturday, October 16th on an Atlas 5 rocket. Its primary target is Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. Spacecraft have visited asteroids before, and even brought samples back to Earth. But Lucy is unique: it’ll visit a total of eight asteroids, including seven Jupiter Trojans and one main-belt asteroid. ...

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NASA officials optimistic Lucy asteroid mission will overcome solar array snag

Artist’s illustration of the final phase of deploying the solar arrays on NASA’s Lucy spacecraft. Credit: NASA A NASA official said Monday there is “widespread optimism” that a solar array snag discovered on the Lucy asteroid probe after its launch over the weekend will not jeopardize the spacecraft’s 12-year exploration mission. Lucy’s two solar arrays were folded up on each ...

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Lucy Launches, Begins Multi-Billion-Mile Trek to Explore Dawn of the Solar System

Flying for the first time in its 401 configuration in more than four years, this morning’s Atlas V launch occurred at the opening moment of Lucy’s 23-day launch window to reach the Jovian Trojans. Photo Credit: Alan Walters/AmericaSpace After one of its least-flown years on record, United Launch Alliance (ULA) has successfully executed its fourth mission of 2021 with a ...

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