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Astronomers Look at Super-Earths That had Their Atmospheres Stripped Away by Their Stars

As the planets of our Solar System demonstrate, understanding the solar dynamics of a system is a crucial aspect of determining habitability. Because of its protective magnetic field, Earth has maintained a fluffy atmosphere for billions of years, ensuring a stable climate for life to evolve. In contrast, other rocky planets that orbit our Sun are either airless, have super-dense ...

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Planet co-founder among passengers on Blue Origin’s next suborbital spaceflight

Chris Boshuizen (left) and Glen de Vries (right) will fly to the edge of space on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket next month. Credit: Blue Origin The co-founders of the satellite remote sensing company Planet Labs and the clinical research software firm Medidata, both wealthy entrepreneurs, are two of the four passengers slated to launch to the edge of space ...

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