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Another countdown begins for Rocket Lab’s first launch from Virginia

Three small satellites for the U.S. company HawkEye 360 are awaiting liftoff on Rocket Lab’s first mission from U.S. soil. Credit: Rocket Lab Rocket Lab is set to fill up its small Electron launcher with propellant fire it into space from Virginia Tuesday evening with three commercial satellites, the company’s second try to launch its first mission from U.S. soil ...

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Rocket Lab primed for busy year after first launch from Virginia

Nine kerosene-fueled Rutherford engines power Rocket Lab’s Electron launcher off the launch pad Tuesday night at Wallops Island, Virginia. Credit: Rocket Lab / Trevor Mahlmann Rocket Lab’s first mission from a launch pad in Virginia delivered three small commercial satellites into orbit Tuesday night, starting what the company hopes will be a banner year with at least 15 flights from ...

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FAA clears Rocket Lab for first launch from U.S. spaceport

Rocket Lab’s Electron launcher on the pad at Wallops Island, Virginia. Credit: Rocket Lab / Trevor Mahlmann Rocket Lab said Saturday that the company received final approval from NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration to launch their first mission from the United States on Sunday, clearing final regulatory and technical hurdles with a new autonomous range safety destruct unit that ...

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Rocket Lab’s next launch will feature mid-air booster recovery attempt

A camera on Rocket Lab’s recovery helicopter shows the Electron booster under its parachute following launch in May. Credit: Rocket Lab Rocket Lab will try again Friday to catch an Electron first stage booster after launching from New Zealand with a small Swedish science satellite, six months after the company’s first mid-air recovery attempt. The launch window for the Electron ...

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Rocket Lab launches NOAA-funded satellite for wildlife tracking

Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle lifts off from New Zealand the GAzelle satellite. Credit: Rocket Lab Rocket Lab launched an Electron rocket Friday from its privately-run spaceport in New Zealand, boosting a 260-pound satellite into orbit on a $64 million NOAA-funded mission to relay environmental data from remote weather stations and help track global wildlife movements. The mission is a ...

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Live coverage: Rocket Lab set for launch with environmental data relay satellite

Live coverage of the countdown and launch of a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1B on Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand with the GAzelle radar remote sensing satellite for the Japanese company Synspective. Text updates will appear automatically below. Follow us on . Rocket Lab’s live video webcast begins approximately 20 minutes prior to launch, and will be available on this ...

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