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Expectable Motion Unit: Avoiding Hazards From Human Involuntary Motions in Human-Robot Interaction

Robots are set to relieve humans of the most mundane and repetitive tasks. Not only would they replace us in the tasks we find most boring, but they also do these tasks more productively. As robots start to replace humans, a lot of environments would include humans and robots working together. Safety will be a significant concern in all these ...

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I Know You Can’t See Me: Dynamic Occlusion-Aware Safety Validation of Strategic Planners for Autonomous Vehicles Using Hypergames

Most of the assessment of risk from occlusion in autonomous vehicles (AV) has been so far focused on static occlusion, i.e., occlusions caused by trees, buildings, parked cars, etc. On the other hand, situations of dynamic occlusion (occlusion caused by another vehicle in traffic) have unique challenges and can appear unexpectedly at any moment in traffic. Therefore, a recent study ...

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Thousands begin return to office as Covid measures ease

The Health and Safety Authority is to continue to be the lead agency around workplace compliance with protocols Tens of thousands of workers across the country started returning to their offices and places of work today, as Covid-19 restrictions ease further. Rules around organised indoor group activities are also being relaxed, while limits on outdoor group activities for participants are ...

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