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SLS launch scrubbed after weather delay, engine cooling issue

A NASA security helicopter flies near the Artemis 1 moon rocket on Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center during a launch attempt Monday morning. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky Engineers fueled the Space Launch System moon rocket for blastoff Monday on NASA’s long-overdue Artemis 1 test flight, but stormy weather, brief indications of a hydrogen leak, trouble cooling one of ...

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NASA’s Space Launch System Gets Tentative Launch Date of August 29th

NASA has announced tentative placeholder launch dates for its beast of a rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), on its maiden flight to deep space. While work still needs to be accomplished to ensure its launch, the tentative dates are currently August 29th, September 2nd, and September 5th. While NASA stressed these are not set dates, the announcement nonetheless puts ...

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SLS moon rocket booster test-fired in Utah

A test article for NASA’s Space Launch System’s solid rocket booster fired for more than two minutes Thursday on a test stand in Utah. Credit: NASA TV / Spaceflight Now Northrop Grumman ignited a full-scale booster for NASA’s Space Launch System Thursday on a hillside firing stand in Utah, completing a two-minute test designed to demonstrate a new motor ignitor and ...

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