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Astronomy Jargon 101: Big Bang Theory

In this series we are exploring the weird and wonderful world of astronomy jargon! You’ll be off to a good start with today’s topic: the big bang theory! The Big Bang theory is the current best understanding of the history of the Universe. The theory is a physical model, based on many lines of evidence, that says that our Universe was ...

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When Will Humanity Become a Type I Civilization?

There are several ways we can measure the progress of human civilization. Population growth, the rise and fall of empires, our technological ability to reach for the stars. But one simple measure is to calculate the amount of energy humans use at any given time. As humanity has spread and advanced, our ability to harness energy is one of our ...

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Life Might Have Gotten Started Just 300 Million Years After the Earth Formed

On an outcrop of exposed volcanic and sedimentary rock on the eastern shores of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec, researchers have discovered what may be the earliest fossilized lifeforms ever discovered. These microbial ancestors lived between 3.75 and 4.28 billion years ago, only 300 million years after the Earth itself formed – a blink of an eye in geologic timescales. ...

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