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NASA officials optimistic Lucy asteroid mission will overcome solar array snag

Artist’s illustration of the final phase of deploying the solar arrays on NASA’s Lucy spacecraft. Credit: NASA A NASA official said Monday there is “widespread optimism” that a solar array snag discovered on the Lucy asteroid probe after its launch over the weekend will not jeopardize the spacecraft’s 12-year exploration mission. Lucy’s two solar arrays were folded up on each ...

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On the verge of another Soyuz launch, OneWeb looks to flights on Indian rockets

 OneWeb announced Monday it is working on an agreement to launch future broadband internet satellites on Indian rockets, the same day the next batch of 36 OneWeb spacecraft moved into position at a Russian spaceport for liftoff Thursday on a Soyuz launcher. The London-based company, which builds its satellites in a factory on Florida’s Space Coast, said Monday it ...

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