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Webb completes sea voyage to launch base in French Guiana

The French-flagged MN Colibri transport ship arrived Tuesday at the Pariacabo harbor in Kourou, French Guiana, with the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace/P. Baudon/E. Prigent The James Webb Space Telescope, a successor to Hubble, arrived at the European Space Agency’s launch base Tuesday in Kourou, French Guiana, for final checkouts and fueling ahead of blastoff in December on top ...

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James Webb’s 30 Days of Terror

It’s been a long and winding road getting the James Webb Space Telescope from concept to reality. And finally, after decades of planning, work, delays, and cost overruns, the next generation of space telescopes is finally ready to launch. But even now, as the telescope might be secretly traveling by cargo ship to the European Space Agency (ESA) launch site ...

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Repairing, and building, future space telescopes

An illustration of LUVOIR, one of the large space telescope missions under consideration in the 2020 astrophysics decadal survey. The telescope design is the largest that could be launched from the ground in a single mission. (credit: NASA) by Jeff Foust An incident last week provided a reminder of the importance of being able to repair space telescopes. The Wide ...

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Selecting the next great space observatory

The Lynx x-ray observatory is one of the four large strategic, or flagship, astrophysics missions being studied for consideration by the 2020 decadal survey. (credit: NASA) by Jeff Foust The great space telescope race is on. In the next few months, the next decadal survey for astronomy and astrophysics—usually called just “Astro2020” by scientists and others involved—will get underway. In ...

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A helping hand for giant telescopes

The Giant Magellan Telescope will feature seven mirrors, each more tha eight meters in diameter. (credit: GMT Organization) by Jeff Foust The decadal review for astrophysics, widely known as “Astro2020,” is ramping up after a bit of a delay because of the recent government shutdown (a deadline for white papers on various science topics to be considered by the survey ...

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