New Central Statistics Office figures show that 63.3% of responding businesses were trading at normal capacity despite the Covid-19 crisis.

In its latest Business Impact of Covid-19 Survey, the CSO said that 96.3% of responding enterprises were trading in some capacity on August 23.

But 2.5% of businesses had ceased trading temporarily while 1.2% had ceased trading permanently.

The CSO said that while most respondents were trading, not all were trading at full capacity. Almost two thirds of enterprises were trading at normal capacity levels while 33% were trading at partial capacity.

Today's figures show that office based businesses had an average of 57.7% of staff working remotely in the week ending 23 August compared to an average of 12.9% for non-office based enterprises. 

Over 23% of businesses also said they plan to make remote working, in some capacity, a permanent fixture.

Meanwhile, 50.5% of responding businesses said their turnover was lower than normal for the four-week period from July 27 to  August 23. Turnover exceeded operating costs for 56.4% of respondents, today's figures show.

Businesses told the CSO that they spent an average of 4.4% of expenditure on measures to comply with Covid-19 requirements for trading during the four week period. Micro enterprises – those businesses with less than 10 people employed – spent an average of 6.1% of expenditure on Covid measures.

The CSO said its Business Impact of Covid-19 Survey (BICS) was created to measure and report quickly on the impact of the coronavirus on business in Ireland. The sixth wave of the survey was collected in the week starting from August 24. 

A total of 3,000 enterprises were surveyed online for the survey, with 25.5% of sampled enterprises completing the survey. 

It noted that that not all businesses were in a position to respond to the survey and therefore, the results will only reflect the characteristics of those who responded.