New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that people's average incomes in 2016 were highest in the Dublin region.

The CSO said that Dublin city and county incomes – at €24,431 – were 18.4% higher than the state figure of €20,638 and about 4.2% higher than the revised figure of €23,449 for 2015. 

Only the Mid West at €20,306 and the Mid East at €19,911 had an average disposable income per person on a par with the state average of €20,638. 

The Border region with €17,370 was lowest among the eight regions at about 15.8% below the state average, while the Midland region with €17,717 was the second lowest and about 14.1% below the state average.

The CSO said the gap between the maximum and minimum value of per capita disposable income increased from a revised figure of €6,617 in 2015 to €7,061 in 2016.

Dublin regional incomes increased by €982 (4.2%) while those of the lowest region, the Border region, increased by €538 (3.2%) in 2016.

The CSO noted that Dublin continues to remain the only region with higher per capita disposable income than the state average during the years from 2007 to 2016. 

But people in the Midland, Border and West regions continued to earn significantly less than the State average during those years.