Food delivery company Deliveroo have launched a partnership programme that will see them team up with restaurants to take advantage of gaps in the market.

Virtual Brands sees the company analyse data to identify gaps in the local market for a particular type of cuisine.

Deliveroo then works with a restaurant partner to help develop a new brand and menu offering to meet this gap.

The restaurant operates this Virtual Brand using their existing restaurant and team.

The company says the scheme "offers the restaurant an opportunity to increase its revenue stream and attract new customers with minimal costs or risk".

It also "provides restaurants with an opportunity to better utilise staff outputs and reduce food waste," the company has said in a statement.

The company has said participating restaurants have seen a 75% increase in order volume in markets where it has already launched Virtual Brands.

They added that 84% of customers ordering from the virtual brand have never ordered from the original restaurant menu.

Dan Warne, Deliveroo's managing director for the UK and Ireland, said they "expect to create hundreds of virtual brands in Ireland in 2019".

"The advantage for restaurants is the low risk and low cost involved in establishing a second brand using existing chefs, space and ingredients," he added.