Data centre operator Equinix is expanding the global reach of its cloud exchange, which will help companies – including Irish businesses – connect into new markets. 

Equinix said it had expanded its connectivity service delivered via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric to now support connections between all of its 36 markets located across five continents. 

It said this will allow its customers to connect to clouds in other regions, and directly enables them for the first time to establish on-demand network connections between the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Brazil.

Research from Equinix shows that more than half of Irish IT decision-makers feel connectivity issues restrict their ability to expand overseas. 

In a study of 100 Irish IT leaders, 54% said they would worry about supporting global expansion due to connectivity constraints, the company added. 

Maurice Mortell, Managing Director for Ireland and Emerging Markets at Equinix, said that the company has essentially built a private network that businesses can use to reach new markets, business partners and customers. 

"In doing so, we are opening up new opportunities for Irish businesses to expand and thrive overseas. They can connect to clouds in other regions as if they were located right here in our Dublin data centres," Mr Mortell said. 

He said the increased connectivity will also support businesses who need to connect into the EU.

"Since the launch of ECX Fabric, we have already seen a huge increase in traffic coming into Ireland, from businesses wanting to connect into our vast cloud ecosystem. We expect this will continue to drive traffic in the coming months and years," he added.