Goods worth €1.77bn were brought into the country from the north between January and June, up from €998m in the same six months in 2020.

In the month of June itself, imports from Northern Ireland rose 93%, from €174m in the same month last year to €337m.

At the same time imports from Great Britain dropped by 32% over the same six month period in comparison to a year earlier and by 16% in the month of June.

While exports to Great Britain in June rose 68% to €1.4bn compared with June 2020.

Overall exports increased by 1% to €13.7bn in June compared with May, the data shows.

The value of goods exports in June was €14.4bn representing an increase of 6% when compared with June 2020.

In the period January to June the value of goods exports was €80.6m, a decrease of €1.38bn when compared to the same period last year.

The figures show that exports of medical and pharmaceutical products increased by 6% in June, making up 41% of total exports.

Exports of electrical machinery, appliances and parts increased by 39%, while professional, scientific and controlling apparatus exports increased by 57%.

The value of imports increased by 4% to €9.04bn in the month of June while the value of goods imports for January to June was €48bn, an increase of 20% compared with the first half of 2020.

Imports of organic chemicals increased by +202% during the month compared to the same month in 2020.

Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances increased by 189% while petroleum imports increased by 65% over the same comparative period.

Exports to Great Britain in June rose 68% to €1.4bn compared with June 2020. The largest increases were in the exports of chemicals and related products and machinery and transport equipment.

Exports to Great Britain accounted for 10% of total exports in June.

The value of goods exports to Great Britain in the first six months of 2021 was €6.7 billion, up 20% on the first six months of 2020.

Imports from Great Britain decreased by -16% to €1.09 billion compared with June 2020. The largest decreases were in the imports of food and live animals and manufactured goods.

The EU accounted for €5.25bn or 36% of total goods exports but decreased by -15% compared with June 2020.

The USA was the main non-EU destination accounting for €4.27bn or 30% of total exports in June 2021.