Shares in titanium minerals miner Kenmare Resources fell today after the company said its product loading activities and shipping were suspended for seven days at its Moma mine in Mozambique due to Cyclone Idai.

The company added that product loading and shipping had resumed on March 15.

Kenmare said its Moma mine was not impacted materially by the cyclone, which has ravaged central Mozambique and other parts of Africa.

It said its on-site team activated a cyclone preparedness plan to ensure employees and assets were protected during the storm.

Production continued without any significant interruptions, and it said it can still get grid power as the power network in northern Mozambique was not affected by the cyclone.

"Kenmare is deeply saddened by the news of loss of life and scale of damage, and is providing financial support towards the relief effort in Mozambique," the company said in a statement. 

More than 1,000 are now feared to have died in the cyclone that smashed into Mozambique last week, while scores were killed and more than 200 are missing in neighbouring Zimbabwe.