It also includes legislation for the use of scramblers and a variable speed limit system on the M50 in Dublin.

The Bill is now due to go before the Oireachtas.

Announcing the publication of the Bill this afternoon,Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said: “We committed in the Programme for Government to resolving legal barriers to the use of e-scooters, as well as e-bikes, and this Bill will deliver on both of those commitment”.

The legislation will see e-scooters included in a new class of powered personal transporters.

The Bill will also include legislation to support more rapid implementation of BusConnect and amendments to the records of vehicles and drivers, which will strengthen law enforcement by directly linking licensed drivers to registered vehicles.

“I believe it will represent a major improvement to our traffic and roads laws, with real benefits for the travelling public,” Minister Ryan said.

Under a €50 million plan to tackle increasing traffic volumes on the M50, variable speed limits will be introduced.

Digital signals will display changeable speed limits allowing operators to reduce speed on sections of the motorway or close lanes if there are traffic jams, a road crash or if emergency service access is needed.

Minister of State Hildegarde Naughton said “The new measures which allow The Transport Infrastructure Ireland to manage traffic better on the M50 will make it safer for all users, while the completion of the Motor Insurance Database will assist in stopping uninsured drivers, who are often dangerous and guilty of other road traffic offences”.

“It will also help in bringing down the cost of insurance for law-abiding drivers,” she said.

More than 20 operators have expressed interest in launching shared e-scooter services both in Dublin and in towns and cities around the country.

TIER is currently carrying out a pilot e scooter project for staff and students on five DCU campuses

“We are confident that, with this strong legislation approved by Cabinet, we are one step closer to not only legally having e-scooters in Ireland, but also ensuring the country has the safest e-scooter regime in Europe” said Benjamin Bell, TIER’s Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe.

“We look forward to seeing this go to the Oireachtas and hopefully allowing for safe, legal e-scooter usage on our roads” he added.