Norwegian Air will seek compensation from aircraft maker Boeing for lost revenue and extra costs stemming from the grounding of its fleet of 737 MAX 8 aircraft, the Oslo-based carrier said today. 

"We expect Boeing to take this bill," Norwegian said in a statement. 

The airline has 18 MAX passenger jets in its 163-aircraft fleet. 

European regulators, including the Irish Aviation Authority, yesterday grounded the aircraft following Sunday's deadly crash of a similar plane in Ethiopia. 

Norwegian cancelled at least three dozen departures for today, its website showed, most of which were due to fly from airports in Oslo, Stockholm and other Nordic cities. 

The company said it aimed to minimise the impact on passengers by booking them on to other flights and utilising other types of planes from its fleet to help fill the gaps. 

"We are able to accommodate most intra-European passengers by these efforts but are still working on other options for our passengers travelling between Ireland and the US," Norwegian said.