More than 90% of Dublin Bus drivers have rejected a deal on pay rises and work practice changes.

Dublin Bus has noted the result of the ballot and said it will consider the result.

The General Secretary of the National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU) said there is “an anger among the workforce in Dublin Bus”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Philip Boucher-Hayes, Dermot O’Leary said many previous and current politicians made commitments to address the concerns of the unions.

“We make no apologies for having work practices and conditions that are far superior to those in private operators,” he said.

Mr O’Leary said they reiterated throughout discussions that the ask of drivers “was far too high” and “far too onerous” and there would be a backlash.

In relation to drivers being asked to learn different bus routes, Mr Leahy said some drivers have been on the same route for “many, many years” and are recognised by their commuters.

He said there is a reason why standards and work practices are in place.

Mr O’Leary said they are calling on people in the political arena to support bus drivers and the opposition to the document.

“A lot of the money being bandied about is on the back of those conditions being eroded or given up,” he said.

“There comes a time when the work-life balance might – and on this occasion it does – trump money. It’s as simple as that.”