The pace of switching health insurance providers in the Irish market is slowing down a new survey has found, with just a fifth of adults saying they've moved insurers in the past two years.

Part of the reason may be that many people are worried about the implications of changing cover, with the research finding a quarter of over 50s were too afraid to make the switch.

This is despite the significant savings that can be made from switching, according to many independent experts. 

A perception that there is nothing to be achieved by moving insurer also appears to be a factor, as almost one in four of those questioned said they think there is no significant cost savings between providers.

14% said they were concerned about waiting periods, while 17% found comparing plans on offer from different providers to be too hard.

The survey also found that many older people were unaware of the potential shortfalls on their policies, with nearly three quarters saying they did not know what they were.

The research also found benefits were a stronger motivating factor than costs among health insurance customers.

The research was carried out by Empathy Research on behalf of laya healthcare, and involved the questioning of 1,000 adults aged 18+last month.