The pound edged up in early trade today after Britain and its EU partners agreed to once again extend the deadline for Brexit, days before the cut-off for avoiding an economically calamitous no-deal divorce. 

After hours of late-night talks Prime Minister Theresa May was given until the end of October to pass her deal for leaving the bloc through parliament, having failed three times already. 

The extension allows for an earlier exit if May achieves it, with a review taking place on June 21. 

News of the delay allowed traders to breathe a sigh of relief and the pound edged up against the dollar and euro, though the gains were limited with the agreement merely kicking the can down the road. 

Much uncertainty also remains, with May under intense pressure from hardline Brexit supporters in her party not to compromise in her talks with the opposition Labour party, and the discussions are moving slowly. 

The pound rose to $1.3097 from $1.3091 in early trade, while it was up at 86.11 pence from 86.09 pence against the euro.