SA startup Lula launches R2.5m Uprise.Africa crowdfunding campaign – Ventureburn

SA mobility startup Lц╪la announced today that it will seek to raise R2.5-million in return for giving up an 8.5% equity stake, through local equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa.

The campaign will run for 90 days and already 10 investors — who were alerted ahead of time of the campaign of the equity crowdfunding’s database of interested investors — have contributed R81б═000.

This is Uprise.Africa’s third campaign. While a campaign run last year to raise R3-million to fund the publication of moreб═African literature flopped after the campaign failed to meet its fund-raising target (see this story) — another to fund Drifter Brewery, raised almost R3.9-million from 196 investors at the campaign’s close in August last year (see this story).

SA mobility startup Lц╪la aims to raise R2.5-million from investors on equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa

The startup’s app (its name means Б─°easyБ─² in isiZulu) connects corporate commuters to private shuttles.

In a statement today, Lц╪la co-founder and CEO Velani Mboweni (