The airline said the Government must also deliver a roadmap that would lead to the re-opening of air travel within the EU ahead of what would normally be a busy summer season.

“We can’t continue being the failed outliers of Europe,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

“Our Government must act now and apply common sense before it is too late to save connectivity to/from the island of Ireland.”

The company claimed it is absurd that EU arrivals must spend time in hotel quarantine on arrival when the country has an open land border with Northern Ireland.

It said the reality is that passengers arriving into the country can avoid the requirement by flying through Belfast, or another EU state that is not part of the mandatory hotel quarantine system.

“We call on Taoiseach Micheál Martin to scrap this defective/useless hotel quarantine which only applies to certain EU countries, ensure vaccinated people can move freely to/from the EU, and set out a clear plan to re-open the nation for air travel to/from Ireland from the end of May onwards,” the spokesperson said.

Ryanair said the “failed travel polices” are not only severely impacting connectivity to and from the country, but also damaging Ireland’s reputation abroad.

The airline’s comments come a day after the chief executive of Dublin Airport operator, daa, said he is “very concerned” about the impact of mandatory hotel quarantine.

Dalton Philips said the Irish regime is one of the most restrictive of any EU country.

Last week, a report by industry representatives of a subgroup of the National Civil Aviation Development Forum claimed the aviation industry will not recover if Covid-19 quarantine and travel restrictions remain in place.

The report said this would cause significant job losses and irreparable harm to the Irish economy.