The number of days lost to industrial disputes in 2018 was the lowest since 2012, according to the annual report from the Workplace Relations Commission.

The number of adjudications heard last year increased by 20% on 2017, with 5,312 adjudication hearings held

The number of adjudication decisions up by 32%. Overall, the number of mediations increased by 220% compared to 2017.

In total, 4,050 days were lost to industrial relations disputes. 

The WRC also carried out two focused inspection campaigns in the equine and fisheries sectors last year.

These two sectors had the highest level of breach rates of inspections concluded by the WRC in 2018.

Welcoming the report's publication, Minister of State Pat Breen said: "Last year was a very successful year for the WRC".

"As the economy continues to do well, we must ensure that those in work are paid what they are due and the WRC is playing a significant role in the pursuit of this objective," he said